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Buy the highest quality auto loan leads in Canada. We own some of the most powerful website brands in Canada and deliver 100% A-Class Leads to our clients.

Who We Are

Headquartered in Vancouver BC, our team works literally around the clock. With executive team members in Dallas, Texas; Cebu, Philippines; Italy, Edmonton and Winnipeg, one of us is ALWAYS moving the ball forward.

Being a financial technology company means that we’re live 24 / 7 (the internet doesn’t sleep) And that also means that we’re able to find and hire the best people in the world... no matter where they might be.

We’re a strange bunch, led by the strangest of all... Mr. David St.Germain

An interesting fact is that a big percentage of our team was at one point, a professional musician or singer! We haven’t formed “The DSG Auto Band” yet but if this online marketing thing doesn’t work out... At least we have something to fall back on!

We love what we do and the people we work with very much. And even when times get tough, there is nowhere else we’d rather be (most of the time).