The Team

David St. Germain

President and CEO

Trevor Trinidad

VP Sales

Jim MacDonald

Senior Web Developer

Federica Belotti

Digital Marketing

Valerie Goodchild

Head of Client Services

Eric Junard Dabon

Senior Web Designer

Call Center Agent of the Month

Rodette Clen Alajas

What's Important to Us (Core Values)


Talking about cool stuff is nice... But what really matters is results. “Theory is not Reality” and we want to know what’s working in the real world. We want to do it, not just talk about it.


Personal and Professional development is a constant for us. Exploring what we can accomplish in this life and how valuable we can become to our clients feels electrifying. Simply put; if we grow, you grow.


We hold ourselves to a high standard and always want to deliver for our clients. Although we’re not perfect, we always want to keep good relationships, do our absolute best and be honest... even when it hurts.